Frequently asked questions about Thin&Lite® lenses.

What are the benefits of Thin&Lite lenses?

Thin&Lite offers an ultra-thin lens with proven aspheric (flat) design along with flatness. In fact, Thin&Lite lenses are up to three times flatter than standard plastic lenses. Plus, Thin&Lite lenses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection.

What’s the technology behind Thin&Lite?

High-index lenses have flatter curves for a reduced lens profile. A flatter curve can cause blurred vision. This is why Thin&Lite incorporates a proven aspheric design into the lens. Thin&Lite provides the most advanced optical performance, while preserving cosmetic appearance. In addition, higher refractive index bends more light — so Thin&Lite lenses are much thinner and lighter than standard plastic lenses.

Why is Crizal® Alizé® recommended for Thin&Lite lenses?

A higher refractive index increases the amount of reflection on your lenses. Crizal Alizé is the premier anti-glare treatment with the best technology and performance — unmatched durability and scratch resistance, with unparalleled cleanability and smudge resistance.

Who can benefit from Thin&Lite lenses?

  • Patients with higher prescriptions who want to minimize lens thickness
  • Farsighted (plus) prescriptions — to reduce magnification and improve your eyes’ appearance
  • Patients who want rimless or semi-rimless frame styles
  • Anyone who wants a thinner, flatter lens for better vision and appearance
  • Patients who are attracted to advanced technology

Which Thin&Lite lens is best for me?

Thin&Lite lenses offer you the widest choice with three high-index designs. Ask your eye care professional which Thin&Lite design is best for your vision.